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God’s Grace Program

God’s Grace Program

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This is quite a foolish question, “Should a Christian eat ham and eggs?” This question was recently asked of a group of Christians in a Bible class. Of course, it was then asked, as it is now, to cause thought as to how Christians are  to select from the Bible all that God expects them to obey and practice in this Age of Grace. One answer was, “Yes, if the Christian has a fairly good income.” But the question is not, “Can a Christian afford to eat ham and eggs?” The question is,“Has a Christian the Bible-right to eat ham and eggs?” If your answer is ”yes,” then answer this question: “Has God’s people always had the Bible-right to eat ham and eggs or ham without eggs?” Well, let’s save the ham and eggs for the last course and ask and then answer some other questions.

by J.C. O’Hair

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